A Professional Calligraphy Business In Just Six Weeks

Find your ideal clients, command prices you're worth,
and have more time for the creative work you love.

You've done a few client projects...

...and you've been told your work is beautiful. You're serious about starting a calligraphy business on the side, but you don't know where to start and you have a ton of questions.

How Do You Find The Right Clients?

You know, the ones who won't ghost you after you've put so much time and thought into creating their custom quote.

How Should You Price Your Work?

What's fair? What are you worth? How do you quote large projects like signage, or complex projects like stationery?

How Do You Manage Your Time?

Especially if you have kids or a full-time job, you need the right systems in place to save you from overwhelm.

What would it be worth...


To have a system that brings quality clients to you? No more posting to Instagram in desperation or feeling rejected when you don't get a response from a potential client.

To have prices that make you feel valued? Imagine actually enjoying those nights and weekends of envelope addressing because you're getting paid a fair price.

To have a clear process for managing your schedule? Stop double- (or triple-) booking yourself and stressing out about finishing your projects. Imagine scheduling time to rest, recharge, or develop and practice new skills.

To have legal policies and contracts that let you sleep at night? We've all been there. That client relationship that started out well, but quickly goes downhill. What if you had the right legal protections in place to prevent you from losing time, money, and your sanity?

To have a business that makes you happy? Imagine that your business gave you the joy of creating art for others, and gave you enough income to take vacations, pay down debt, buy a house, or even quit your day job.


Calligraphy Business Bootcamp

Six weekly lessons to take your calligraphy business to the next level.

It's all online and you own it forever. Refer back to it again and again.


In-Depth Video Lessons

From pricing to marketing, systems to contracts, our instructors cover everything you need to grow your calligraphy business, with 14 hours of high-quality HD video lessons.

Handouts + Action Steps

Each lesson includes a printable handout to guide you through the material and to help you take the next steps in your business.

Recorded Q+A Sessions

Instant access to over 10 recorded Q+A sessions with the instructors - get answers to your common questions, and learn from others who've been in your shoes.

Private Facebook Community

Get accountability plus community with a private Facebook group just for Bootcampers.

"The Calligraphy Business Bootcamp was so valuable in helping me launch my side business (soon to be full time business) - totally worth the investment, and then some!!"


"It gave me the confidence to go ahead and start up a business - something I had been wanting to do for months, but had no idea how to start. It really laid out the most important steps to create a business and to keep it successfully running."


You Don't Have To Do It Alone.

Let these ladies guide you with over 30 years of combined business experience.

Laura Hooper and Alyssa Hooper

Owner and Operations Manager of Laura Hooper Calligraphy Inc.

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Christina Scalera

Attorney and Owner of The Contract Shop and Christina Scalera LLC

Photo by Kristie Marie Photography

Ashley Buzzy

Owner of Ashley Buzzy Lettering & Press

Photo by Heather Payne Photography

Week 1: Lettering Legally

Instructor: Christina Scalera

Should your business be a sole proprietorship? An LLC? Something else? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each? You'll learn how to find the information you need based on your location and how to use contracts, copyrights, and trademarks to protect yourself and your creative work. (Three sample contracts included!)

Week 2: Setup, Systems, and Pricing

Instructors: Laura Hooper and Alyssa Hooper

You'll learn how to set up your space, whether it's at home or in a studio. What tools should you keep on hand, and which ones can you purchase as-needed? What systems do you need to run your business? Learn how to manage your time and how to price your work fairly so that you'll stay sane, love your job, and make a profit. (Includes pricing for large format or unique projects!)

Week 3: Managing Your Clients

Instructors: Laura Hooper and Alyssa Hooper

Discover Laura Hooper Calligraphy's complete client intake process for envelope calligraphy, full stationery orders, and day-of items. What's a typical timeline for each type of job? What are appropriate client response times? When and how do you say no to a client? Learn how to set fair boundaries and expectations with your clients and how to automate your communication so you'll have more time for the creative stuff.

Week 4: Finding Quality Clients

Instructors: Laura Hooper and Alyssa Hooper

Laura and Alyssa answer the all-important question: how do you find clients? You'll discover when to use paid vs. free marketing, what to include on your website, and how to stand out in a crowded industry. How do you get involved with photo shoots? When shouldn't you work for free? Learn how to network so you can attract clients that love your work and appreciate your time.

Week 5: Growing Your Business

Instructors: Laura Hooper and Alyssa Hooper

Alright, you're ready to grow! How do you set up an online shop? How do you pack and ship physical products? You'll discover how and when to bring on additional staff, and which tasks you should delegate to operate a successful business that doesn't stress you out - because you can do anything, but you can't do everything.

Week 6: All About Printing

Instructor: Ashley Buzzy

Even if you don't offer printing, it's useful to understand it when you're creating work for clients that will eventually be printed. You'll learn about the different printing methods, paper types, and how to find a great printer to work with so you can create high quality work for your clients and expand your menu of services.

"I feel confident about pricing and really good about the steps I've taken to treat my business as a business. I'm in the midst of buttoning up my order forms/contracts so that they work for me and I don't feel like I'm questioning whether I'm leaving something out anymore. I had been putting off reaching out to local venues and others in the wedding industry (probably out of fear) and this bootcamp inspired me to go for it. I'm happy to have all of the content and a framework for how to continue forward. Also, the bloopers! :)"


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Photo Credits: Abby Jiu, Anne Kim.


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