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You love the opaque, velvety look of gouache, but you don't know where to start.

You've been frustrated by gouache in the past because you couldn't figure out how to get the right consistency.

You've always had a passion for painting, but lost that spark somewhere along the way and need the inspiration to start again.

Introducing the Gouache Summit™...

We're SO excited to bring you the Gouache Summit™ (formerly known as the Watercolor Summit® 2.0) with a focus on the amazing opaque watercolor also known as GOUACHE! We've teamed up with six amazing artists who will teach you six truly unique and inspiring classes, highlighting the beauty and versatility of gouache paint. You're going to learn a ton!

"I was nervous about taking the Summit because I was fairly new to watercolor and thought I couldn't keep up. I was very pleasantly surprised! This was the first online class I've taken, comparing it to a class I've taken here [locally] I honestly feel like I was getting more one on one attention with the Summit. The teachers were very organized, explained every step very well, and were very encouraging. I also liked that they shared their knowledge of supplies, brushes, paper, paints etc etc.

I can look at work I did a year ago and work I did from the Summit and I'm amazed at how far I've come using the techniques I've learned. Everything from making a palette to brush strokes. I paint totally differently now.

I have told other friends about the Summit and they would be interested in taking it......and I would take it again should other topics and examples or more advanced classes be offered......I am an expert now you know.... LOL....but will always keep learning!

- Cindy M."

Meet Your Amazing Instructors!

Learn more about these six talented artists and the classes they'll be teaching. They will be released each week starting as soon as you enroll!

Gouache Explorations with Emma Block

Learn how to use gouache to its full potential! In this beginner's class, Emma shares what tools you need to achieve the right consistency with your paints and create proper brushstrokes. You'll also learn how to mix skin tones, and how to apply all of these skills to create a simple portrait like the ones Emma is known for!

Length: 2 hours

Fun and Fearless Florals with Sarah Simon

Overcome your fear of mixing watercolor and gouache with this unique class from Sarah! Full of fun exercises and mini-projects to stretch your creativity, you'll play with floral line art, botanical patterns, and wreaths to really get acquainted with what these two mediums can do together!

Length: 3 hour 4 minutes

Watercolor and Gouache Landscapes with Caleb Sinchok

Get the best of both worlds with this class on combining watercolor and gouache into a simple landscape. Known for his signature clouds and moody mountain scenes, Caleb will show you how to create your own landscapes with watercolor and gouache, along with tricks for working with both mediums and ideas for unique and creatively-shaped projects.

Length: 1 hour 20 minutes

The Green Outdoors with Justin Donaldson

Do you have trouble combining greens? Known for his lush gouache landscapes full of dimension and depth, Justin will show you how to push the color spectrum from blue to yellow to create greenery and landscapes that make your eyes happy. He'll also share his tips for painting plein air!

Length: 1 hour 34 minutes

Gouache Landscapes that Glow with Andrea Fairservice

Learn how to paint a bright and colorful desert landscape in gouache! Known for her big skies and bold colors, Andrea will show you how to mix and prepare your colors, exercises to perfect your brush techniques, and the importance of underpainting. Wrap-up by painting a gorgeous desert scene you’ll be proud to put on your wall!

Length: 2 hours 40 minutes

Bold Gouache Florals with Drew Europeo

Do you love the look of bold, opaque florals, but don't want to mess with oil paints? From proper brushstrokes to layering techniques, Drew shows you how to use gouache to create beautiful flowers and leaves with an organic shape, a velvety matte texture, and tons of depth!

Length: 1 hour 2 minutes

Video so good, it's BETTER than being there in-person.

We use a professional production team so each video lesson is beautifully filmed, with superb audio quality and multiple camera angles so you can clearly see what's being taught. No amateur instructor uploads, and no high-speed time-lapses where you can't see what happened. If you missed something, just hit rewind or pause!

Here's what you'll get...

6 Complete Video Lessons, Plus Handouts and English Subtitles

Real-time, professionally-filmed HD video lessons broken into handy chapters. Each lesson is 1-3 hours long and comes with its own printable handouts and images to trace, and English subtitles.


We brought all of our instructors together to answer to your questions and you can watch them whenever you want! You've never seen all of these artists all in one place like this!


This is pure gouache gold. Get a list of the exact tools and paint colors each instructor uses in their lesson. We also include a "Just the Basics" supply list that's affordable and flexible.


Our encouraging and friendly private Facebook group is a great place to share your progress, ask questions, get advice, and stay inspired!

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Unlike Skillshare or other membership sites, you don't lose access to your lessons once you stop paying. Just pay once, and you own your lessons forever.

Praise for the Gouache Summit™

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll, you'll get immediate access to your first class with Emma Block and all of the bonus material. Every week after that, a new class will be released to you. We do this to help prevent you from getting overwhelmed right away.

Your video lessons never expire. You own them forever and you can watch them as many times as you need to.

No; each Summit is structured to stand on its own. Each one starts with more beginner-friendly classes and gets progressively more difficult, helping you grow your skills exponentially while skyrocketing your confidence.

Due to the digital nature of our content, we cannot offer refunds.

Each video lesson is between 1 and 3 hours in length, broken up into manageable chapters that you can mark as "complete" in your custom student portal.

Yes! You can use your computer, tablet, or even your phone to watch the video lessons - as long as you have a web browser, you can log in to your student portal to access the videos.

Yes! While every lesson is in English, sometimes reading English is easier than listening to it. Each instructional video comes with English subtitles so you can follow along while watching.

Yes. The supply list will share the colors, brands, and tools used in each lesson, as well as a "Just the Basics" condensed supply list if funds are tight.

"I've only watched the first [class] and I can already tell that this was worth investing in."

Milla Olander
@millabilityart on Instagram

"I framed this piece I did from #watercolorsummitday3 today. It feels so official 😂 I do love the way it looks in a frame, and it makes me really proud of how much I've learned so far. Watercolor is really such a magical medium. I'm totally obsessed."

Natalie Boone
@nataliebooneart on Instagram

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