7-Figure Course Expert Reveals: How to Teach Online and Earn Passive Income

There's no better time to teach your skills online through video!

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In this free workshop with an online course expert, you'll learn:

  • Which platforms you should (and shouldn't!) use to sell your individual classes or your membership program (Skillshare? Patreon? Teachable? Kajabi?)
  • How to simplify and save money on all the tools you need (like email lists, shopping carts, and more).
  • The best option for filming your classes so your students give you rave reviews.

About Your Instructor

Ashley is the founder of Art Summits® and co-founder of Knit Stars. In the past five years, she's built two successful online course businesses and produced and sold over 100 unique online courses to more than 20,000 paying customers around the world.


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