"Thank you for a wonderful start to watercolor!!"

- Cheryl W., One Hour Watercolors student

Watercolor painting shouldn't be intimidating! One Hour Watercolors is an online class for beginners that takes the fear and uncertainty out of this magical and versatile medium. Get instant access to the class plus our simple three-color supply list today!

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The Important Skill That Most Beginner Classes Skip!

It's tempting to jump right into painting loose watercolor florals and leaves (or other advanced projects like the ones shown here from our Watercolor Summit® program)... but do you know what most beginners struggle with? Water control!

"Too much water? Too little? Why am I getting these weird marks and blooms on my paper?" If you've been frustrated with other beginner classes, it's likely because they didn't teach the water control techniques that you'll master inside One Hour Watercolors.


Wonderful Lessons!

"I have taken other lessons which consisted of setting up your materials and picture of what you want to paint, and then painting with the instructor going around to comment. This lesson was amazing, showing me the absolute basic understanding of how to control the brush and water. Wonderful lessons!"

- Mary Lou Z., One Hour Watercolors student

The Simplest Supply List You'll Ever See

Don't spend hundreds of dollars buying every color under the sun... here's all you need for One Hour Watercolors:

  • 3 paint colors of any brand and quality (i.e., red, yellow, and blue)
  • 1 medium and 1 large round brush
  • 100% cotton watercolor paper
  • masking or painter's tape

More details and shopping resources are included with the class.

Video So Good, It's Better Than Being There In Person

We're proud of having the highest quality instruction in the online art industry. One Hour Watercolors is professionally filmed with three different camera angles, so you'll never miss a step.

Creativity. Fulfillment. Joy.

You can have it all with the beautiful medium of watercolors. Get started on the right path with the class that more experienced painters only WISH they had!

Here's what you're getting with One Hour Watercolors:

  • 1.5 hour HD video instruction
  • Instant access to the class
  • Lifetime access -- never expires
  • Simple, affordable supply list
  • How to prepare your paper
  • Brush control and techniques
  • Washes and gradient exercises
  • Fun & simple beginner projects
  • Ask questions with our built-in commenting feature

Reg. $37 Just $19


100% No Risk Money-Back Guarantee