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A Simple-Yet-Powerful Color Mixing Method
(That You Can Learn In Just 90 Minutes)

For anyone who uses watercolors, gouache, acrylics, oils, and even pastels or colored pencils…

You’ll know this method is for you if:

  • You can’t wrap your head around “warm” and “cool” colors (especially blues!)
  • You make lots of “mud” when you paint
  • You’re a hesitant painter who never knows which colors to use
  • You can follow tutorials, but painting on your own is difficult
  • You’re intimidated by “color theory”
  • You don’t know how to mix MORE of a color you already made
  • You get frustrated when you mix greens and purples
  • You need to go “back to basics” to get out of a creative rut

Can You Imagine...

🙈 NEVER finding another random tube of unopened paint lying around your house?

💪 Or NEVER freaking out over a class supply list again, because you know you can mix any color you need?

🎨 Or having the confidence to create your own unique palette of SIGNATURE COLORS?

So... why aren't more people doing this? Because most artists don't know the proper way to mix colors!


Stop Making Mud

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The Best-Selling Color Mixing Class



Maybe you've tried color mixing before and gave up because you just couldn't get the colors you saw in your head, like Kina...

So what's the secret to easily mixing any color you want? What are these "base colors" that can be combined to make ANY color?

The answer is the primary colors. But before you roll your eyes and think "I've tried that before," hear me out:

Sure, we all know that red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors and SUPPOSEDLY can be combined to make any color under the sun...

But we've all tried mixing red and blue and ended up with a muddy purple... and we've tried mixing blue and yellow only to end up with a flat, muddy green, right?

So what's the deal?

What you never learned about the primary colors is that there are actually TWO SETS of them!

Wait, what?!

Sure, there's "red, yellow, and blue"... but there's also CMY, also known as cyan, magenta, and yellow. Look at the ink cartridges in your printer at home and you'll see what I mean. 😉

So when it comes to color mixing, you've probably just been using the WRONG set of primary colors.

But don't feel bad about it -- even college-level art professors aren't teaching this stuff!

Now, it's not quite as easy as just switching to a CMY palette... the power lies in utilizing BOTH sets of primary colors.

But unfortunately...

Most artists teach color mixing incorrectly.

They'll say things like "it has to do with the transparency of your paints..."

Or they'll get into the weeds of color theory, overwhelming you too soon with concepts like hue, value, saturation, triads, harmonies...

Or they'll COMPLETELY IGNORE the fact that there are two sets of primary colors, making you do color wheel exercises that just result in muddy mixtures.

And worst of all?

They'll tell you the SINGLE BIGGEST LIE I've heard in the art world:

"Color mixing is just intuitive. You either get it or you don't."

I'm here to tell you that this couldn't be further from the truth!

Here's the thing: when it comes to teaching ANY concept, art-related or not, it's VERY EASY to OVERCOMPLICATE things. This is what most people do.

It's MUCH HARDER to keep things simple and elegant.

I've spent years simplifying difficult concepts (like math for fifth graders and microeconomics for grad students), and I've learned a thing or two about teaching those lightbulb moments. 💡

Even if you've been painting for DECADES, it's never too late to learn something new, like my students Sherri, Barbara and Anna...

And even if you've TRIED to learn color mixing or color theory before, I'm certain I can make that lightbulb go off for you, like it did for Donna, Lynda, and Jennie:

Hey there! I'm Ashley.

(That's me on the left with artist and author Sarah Simon from @TheMintGardener.)

It took me months of frustration, dedicated research and tinkering with color mixing before I finally had a breakthrough... and now I want to share my shortcut with you!

I believe that TRULY and THOROUGHLY understanding color mixing will make a WORLD of difference in your art.

In fact, it already has for the thousands of artists who've taken my best-selling color mixing class, Stop Making Mud™.



Stop Making Mud

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The Best-Selling Color Mixing Class



Stop Making Mud is an online course that shows you my simple, proven method for mixing bright OR muted colors based on the two sets of primaries.

The course is only 90 minutes long, and in it you'll discover:

  • A NEW way to think of primary colors (Module 2)
  • My simple "Lean Toward" method for finally understanding warm vs. cool colors (Module 3)
  • WHY you've been making "mud" (Module 4)
  • How to keep colors BRIGHT and pure (Module 5)
  • A fun swatching exercise that will open your eyes to a world of mixing possibilities (Module 6)
  • How to accurately MATCH colors and make MORE of a color you love (Module 7)

Enjoy a lifetime of fearless color mixing for less than two tubes of paint!

Stop Making Mud is normally $49, but if you act now, you can snag it today for just $29.


If you're just starting your art journey, this is the PERFECT time to learn color mixing.

You'll be better prepared and more confident to try any project or tutorial you want, because you KNOW you can mix any color you need. (Not to mention, you'll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in art supplies over the years!)

And if you've been painting for a while, it's never too late to learn something new that will COMPLETELY change how you see color.

And even better -- the concepts I teach in Stop Making Mud™ work for any medium from oils to acrylics, watercolors, gouache, fabric dyes, pastels, and more!

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