Mix Any Color You Want...

(Without Spending Hundreds Of Dollars On Art Supplies!)


👉 Do you follow a ton of amazing artists and feel like you need to buy the exact colors they recommend?

👉 Do you gamble every time you try to mix colors, with no organized plan or idea about which colors to put together?

👉 Do you get confused and overwhelmed by all that “color theory” stuff, like hue, value, and saturation?

Then I have something for you that will completely change how you see colors; but first…

The Truth About Primary Colors

Most people learn about the primary colors as kids… and maybe you still think red, blue and yellow are all you need to mix any color in the rainbow.

But the truth is, you’ve been lied to… 😡 because there’s a whole other set of primary colors that you’ve probably never heard of!

And because you’ve never heard of them, some of the joy you should feel from creating art over the years has been replaced with frustration.

I mean, red and blue are supposed to make purple, right? Then why is it never the kind of purple you actually want? (Let me guess - it’s muddy, right?)

The reason has to do with color temperature, also referred to as color bias. It’s that whole “warm” vs. “cool” thing.

Once you understand color bias, and once you understand this “alternate” set of primary colors… your confidence with mixing colors will skyrocket.

✅ You’ll be able to just LOOK at a color and tell if it’s warm or cool…

✅ You’ll be able to mix the exact type of color you want (like that purple I mentioned above)…

✅ You'll finally understand why your colors look muddy, and how to prevent that...

You won’t panic because you don’t have the exact brand or color that you need for a project or tutorial…

✅ And you’ll finally be able to quickly and accurately match colors and mix more of a color you loved!

Sound good? Then you need to join me in my brand new class, Stop Making Mud.™

You’ll learn the exact tricks you need to overcome your color mixing fears, in less than 90 minutes.


You see, I was just like you. For years, I struggled to understand how to mix colors and how to differentiate between warm and cool colors.

I poured countless hours into learning color theory, but I never felt like anybody taught it in a way that I could understand, or in a way that answered my immediate questions - how do I mix a particular color?

After getting frustrated with books, online research, and YouTube videos, I ended up just experimenting on my own… trying and failing so many times until finally I found a method that made it click.

And now I want to share that with you.

Once you learn these color basics, you’ll never be frustrated by color mixing again.

Ready to become a Fearless Color Mixer? Join Stop Making Mud™ now!

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About Your Instructor

Ashley is the founder of Art Summits and the creator and host of the Watercolor Summit™ and the Modern Calligraphy Summit®. She's been obsessed with art and color since she was a kid and is excited to help you overcome your color mixing challenges!

Enroll now for just $29!

Get Stop Making Mud™ for a special limited-time price of just $29 (reg. $49).


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Frequently Asked Questions

This course will help you understand the role of the two primary color wheels, how to tell the difference between warm and cool colors, how "muddy" colors happen and how to prevent them, and how to match colors so you can mix more of a color you loved.

The concepts taught in this class apply to most mediums, including oils, acrylics, watercolor, gouache, dye, and even dry mediums like colored pencils and pastels. I use watercolors as my demonstration medium in the class, but the purpose of the class is to help you recognize color bias in your own materials, and learn how to mix them confidently!

Due to the instant and digital nature of this course, all sales are final.

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