It's Time to Embrace Your Inner Artist

Learn the skills you need to start your journey with watercolors – and take them to the next level!

Inspiring landscapes. Colorful botanicals. The cutest animals. Anyone can learn to paint art like this – no “talent” required!

Artwork by our Watercolor Summit® student Wendy G.

You Were Made To Create.

Has anyone ever told you “art isn’t practical?” Maybe a well-meaning family member persuaded you to choose a different career path…

Or perhaps an insensitive school teacher looked at your work and suggested you stick with “other things,” like sports or math.

Regardless of the reason, we often push aside “art” and “creativity” for years… or even decades.

Deep down, we have this desire to create beautiful things…

But family, careers, health challenges, and other responsibilities make us put it on the back burner.

We put ourselves and our interests last, even feeling a tiny twinge of guilt if we indulge in a bit of private time or splurge on something special that’s just for us.

But here’s the thing…

It's not "selfish" to have hobbies.

In fact, it’s actually healthy! Studies show that people who have hobbies are healthier and happier… they have improved moods, less stress, lower heart rates, and lower blood pressure. That doesn’t sound so bad!

While some people spend thousands of dollars on golf clubs, exercise equipment, or photography gear… art supplies and training are relatively inexpensive – especially watercolor paints.

Plus, imagine what you'll create for yourself AND for others! A memorable portrait of a beloved pet… a re-creation of that amazing sunset from your beach vacation... a colorful floral piece to brighten someone's day.

We believe anyone can be an artist... even if they never went to art school.

The need to be creative is built right into our DNA, and sometimes it just takes the right medium and a little practice to light that creative fire...

And that's why we created the Watercolor Summit®!

Introducing the world’s only step-by-step, multi-instructor painting program that takes you from beginner to intermediate watercolor painter in just a few weeks – while having FUN doing it!


February 1 - 28, 2023

Twice-Weekly Workshop Releases + Live Q&A Sessions

Participate in the live event or work at your own pace! Your access never expires.


Here's What You'll Learn in the Watercolor Summit®

Our step-by-step curriculum was designed from the ground up to build a solid foundation of the basics and then progress to more challenging skills and techniques. Each workshop is equivalent to a full one- or two-day in-person workshop, without the travel costs and headaches. Watch the videos below for previews of each workshop!

Workshop 1

Watercolor Explorations with Jenna Rainey

Warm up for your painting adventures with Jenna's class, where you'll learn the beginner watercolor techniques you need to know, plus how to create a color key guide and use playful patterns to build your confidence with the brush!

1 hour 40 minutes

Workshop 2

Monochrome Misty Landscapes with Trupti Karjinni

How many colors do you need to make great art? Sometimes, just one! Trupti will teach you the importance of tones in a painting, how to paint soft edges, how to create depth and how to control your brushstrokes to create a serene landscape, all with one color!

1 hour 30 minutes

Workshop 3

Modern Botanical Illustration with Sarah Simon

This one's all about the greenery! Learn how to paint a variety of leaves and other fun shapes like berries, plus learn Sarah's tricks for using a pen and gouache to add a special touch to your artwork. BONUS: How to trace a line drawing onto thick watercolor paper without using a light pad!

4 hours 15 minutes

Workshop 4

Feathers and Fur with Sarah Cray

Sarah Cray shares her secrets for creating vibrant, picture-frame-worthy representations of animals! You'll learn where to start, how to build depth with layers, and how to add those special finishing details to make your work pop!

1 hour 30 minutes

Workshop 5

Loose Florals with Annie Mertlich

With a portfolio exploding with flowers, Annie is the perfect person to teach her techniques for a colorful, loose floral style - including finding reference material and using the proper brushstrokes. BONUS: Learn how to arrange and sketch your own compositions!

2 hours 30 minutes

Workshop 6

WILDlife in Watercolors with Shaunna Russell

Known for her wildly colorful pet portraits, Shaunna will show you how to push your color boundaries, from picking colors that look good together, to using unconventional colors to convey shadow and light. She'll also share how to use a reference photo and how to apply these techniques to a "big cat" portrait!

1 hour 45 minutes

Workshop 7

Painting Light and Air with Ashley Prejoles

Painting clouds and skies can seem daunting - but in Ashley's class, you'll learn how to break it down step-by-step so you can create ethereal, light-filled skyscapes full of depth. BONUS: How to mix a beautiful palette with just the three primary paint colors.

3 hours 15 minutes

Workshop 8

Realistic Florals with Louise De Masi

Ever wonder how to paint something so detailed it looks like the real thing? In her class, Louise shares her step-by-step methods and process for painting a flower so realistic-looking, your friends will do a double-take!

2 hours 30 minutes

Workshop 9

Realistic Animals with Kristina Granberg

Have you ever wanted to create a realistic looking animal with watercolors? In Kristina's class, you'll learn how to use paint to convey shadow and light, sheen, depth, and dimension, and apply these skills to a beautifully realistic giraffe.

3 hours 20 minutes




Meet Your Instructors

It would cost thousands of dollars to travel around the world for nine in-person workshops... but with the Watercolor Summit®, we're bringing your favorite artists right to your desk or kitchen table!

Jenna Rainey

@JennaRainey • USA

Sarah Simon

@TheMintGardener • USA

Louise De Masi

@LouiseDeMasi • Australia

Trupti Karjinni

@TruptiKarjinni • India

Sarah Cray

@LetsGoMakeArt • USA

Annie Mertlich

@WildfieldPaperCo • USA

Kristina Granberg

@Granberg_Art • Sweden

Shaunna Russell

@WeekdayBest • USA

Ashley Prejoles

@AshleyPrejolesArt • USA

Our artists are trusted by:

Meet Your Host

Hey there, I'm Ashley! That's me on the left with Watercolor Summit® instructor Sarah Simon (The Mint Gardener).

Many years ago, I took an “art for architects” class in college. The instructor gave us a LOOONG list of watercolor supplies, and I remember looking at that list and thinking “how many greens do I really need?!” Like a good student, though, I diligently bought every single item...

The instructor was an amazingly talented artist – but unfortunately, not a great teacher.

There was no introduction or teaching of the basics -- we jumped right in to "coloring" our landscape drawings. My paintings were flat and muddy, but he couldn’t tell me why.

After lots of time and money wasted, I got frustrated and gave up on watercolors, writing them off as boring, washed out, and hard to work with.

About 10 years later, though, I started discovering some talented watercolor artists through social media… and their work wasn’t flat, muddy, or washed out.

"Hmm, maybe it's not the medium," I thought… "and maybe it's not me. Maybe it's just the WAY I was taught."

And that’s when it clicked – my first introduction to watercolors was in college… but it wasn’t like college at all! There was no “Watercolors 101” class... there was no progression from easier to more difficult skills... there wasn’t a variety of instructors to help me discover new things and learn different perspectives.

So I set out to create a program that would be different from all other watercolor classes.

It would mimic proven educational principles, with a progression from easier to more difficult subjects… but it would have multiple instructors, so you’d learn lots of different perspectives and styles.

And of course, it would be focused solely on watercolors.

There wasn’t (and still isn’t) anything like it.

It took months of careful planning, research, and coordination to pull it off: finding the right instructors… developing the right curriculum... And then even more months to send a production crew around the world to film it all!

It was like putting together a puzzle – SO many moving parts! – but the end result was magical. Over 5,000 students have gone through the Watercolor Summit® now, and it’s been a joy to watch them grow their painting skills AND their confidence through a process I wish I’d had when I was just starting out.

Sometimes I think about all the years I didn’t paint because I got frustrated and gave up. What would I have created? How much better would I be now? But that kind of thinking is futile. To piggy-back on a popular saying…

“The best time to start painting was 20 years ago… but the second best time is today.” ๐Ÿ˜Š



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Watercolor Digitizing Mini-Lesson

Would you love to put your watercolor artwork on products like stationery, mugs, and more? Learn Jenna Rainey's favorite scanner settings and learn a simple trick for removing white backgrounds in Photoshop!

With video this good, it's better than being there in person.

Our professional production crew films each video workshop with high-quality audio and multiple camera angles -- so you can clearly see what's being taught, in real time. Our students say they feel like they get more attention with our online classes than they do at in-person workshops!

Professional Video

Over 22 hours of professionally-filmed, HD video lessons that make you feel like you're right there in the artists' studios.

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Praise for the Watercolor Summit®

Here's Everything You're Getting with the Watercolor Summit®

  • Watercolor Explorations (Value: $97)
  • Monochrome Misty Landscapes (Value: $97)
  • Modern Botanical Illustration (Value: $197)
  • Feathers and Fur (Value: $97)
  • Loose Florals (Value: $197)
  • WILDlife in Watercolors (Value: $147)
  • Painting Light and Air (Value: $147)
  • Realistic Florals (Value: $197)
  • Realistic Animals (Value: $197)
  • BONUS Weekly Live Q&A Sessions (Value: $197)
  • BONUS Watercolor Digitizing Mini-Lesson (Value: $37)
  • BONUS Private student community (Value: $89/year)

Total Value:  $1,696 

Regular Price:  $349 

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  • BONUS: Private student community
  • BONUS: Digitizing mini-class with Jenna Rainey

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  • All NINE watercolor workshops released twice-weekly starting Feb. 1, 2023
  • Lifetime access (your content never expires)
  • BONUS: Weekly live Q&A sessions with your host Ashley
  • BONUS: Private student community
  • BONUS: Digitizing mini-class with Jenna Rainey

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If you're not happy with your purchase, email us within 30 days of the event start date and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Who Is This For?

โœ… Absolute beginners with no painting experience
โœ… Watercolor “dabblers” who haven’t made much progress
โœ… Artists transitioning from other mediums like oils or acrylics
โœ… Students of another artist or program who are ready to branch out
โœ… People who want to learn more techniques and methods so they can develop their own unique artistic style
โœ… People who feel stuck in a creative rut and don’t know where to turn next
โœ… “Left-brained” analytical people who need a more methodical approach to art

Who Is It Not For?

โŒ Very advanced watercolorists who feel confident painting without tutorials (though even they may learn a few new tips and tricks!)
โŒ People who aren’t interested in trying new styles or subjects
โŒ People who aren’t interested in painting with watercolors (obviously! ๐Ÿ˜‚)


Join Us in February for the Watercolor Summit!

2023 is your year to finally feel confident with watercolors... are you in?