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You're obsessed with watercolors, but finding good tools and supplies on your own can take weeks or even months. BUT, there's good news: we interviewed some of your favorite artists and put their recommended paints, brushes, and paper all into ONE easy-to-reference guide. Sign up now to get it for free!

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We Interviewed Your Favorite Artists...

...and created this time-saving guide to help you navigate the world of watercolor supplies. Learn from pro artists and teachers like Louise De Masi, Sarah Cray, Sarah Simon, Jenna Rainey, and many more!

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Have We Met?

Hey there, I'm Ashley, the creator of this guide and the founder of Art Summits® (that's me on the left with artist and author Sarah Simon while we were filming her Watercolor Summit® class in her home studio)!

I believe art is a beautiful adventure that's best undertaken with a little help from people who've walked the path before us, and I love bringing together incredible artists to guide you.

Watercolors can be challenging at times -- don't let the WRONG tools hold you back from exploring this gorgeous medium!

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